How Ready are you for Parenting?


The birth of a child is mysterious; the making of the child into a man or woman is demanding and very complicated and it requires deliberate efforts.

Children are important to God and the society, but how to effectively bring them up for productive purpose and fulfilling future has been a daunting and inevitable challenge every responsible parent has to pass through. Child training is a conscious act one must be mindful of.

The days and times when children were born for agricultural purposes are over, now we can only reap what we have invested in our children. As the saying goes “If you lose your child, you lose your future”.

The failure of parents to confront, understand and respond positively to the purpose of God for the family and their parental endeavors is at the very root of the evils we find in our society today..

There’s no doubt that effective parenting is a herculean task, it is a space one will need to tread with fear, humility and consciousness. Believe me, human efforts, without God, will result in an abysmal failure.

We can only train up our children effectively when we first understand them. You need to learn to understand them. Experts in behavioral psychology have emphasized the importance of understanding the temperament of our children, so as to be able to guide them to become the best possible.

Temperaments are a combination of behavioral traits we inherit from our parents, which makes us act in certain ways. Temperament affects the way we do everything. However, parents must understand their own temperaments as well as the temperament of their children, to know how best to assist them.

Understanding them will give you the knowledge to respect their differences, without prosecuting any of them for their weaknesses. This will also make you identify their strength, develop them and put them into maximal use for you and their benefit.

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