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Mrs. Victoria Egbunike


Create and Enhance Comprehensive Early Childhood Systems

Every day, millions of educated families go through a familiar ritual such as dropping off their young child at child care or preschool and there are many reasons why parents choose a particular program: cost, location, the teachers, shared values and program’s specific focus. One thing is universal; as parents walk away from the classroom in the morning to start their own day, each of them hope that they have made the right decision and that their child will have a rich and fulfilling day, supported by a loving and affectionate caregiver.


Unfortunately, parents often have very few child care options and limited ways to really know the quality of care their child is receiving. The level to which basic needs are met like keeping the child well fed, safe, and clean is usually easy to verify, but determining if one’s child is engaging sufficiently and is participating in age-appropriate learning activities is much harder to ascertain.