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Kids are aware of only the slightly limited number of occupations to which they’re exposed. For example, doctor, dentist, teacher, firefighter, police officer, and whatever it’s their parents and relatives do to make a living. Enquiry about other occupations broadens their choices and increases the odds that will qualify them to locate proper careers. As they get closer to having to prepare for them, they can narrow down their choices and even commence to hold narrated courses formerly when they’re in school.

When kids gets into his or her later high school years, he or she should do a self-assessment to discover his or her interests, values, personality, and aptitudes. Doing it earlier than that isn’t necessary. But, you can help him or her start thinking about those traits at an early age and discussing how they will influence future career-related decisions.

It’s always good as a parent to keep your opinion to yourself about their career path, allow them take the wheel, you can rather be a navigator and your child may express interest in a career you think is all wrong for him or her. You may be right, or you may not know enough about that particular occupation to have formed an opinion. Do some research together, you may learn something and your child certainly will. Below is an instance between a parent, child and an educator;

Career path on or before 3 years of age is important. How to know what your child will be in future.

PARENT: I don’t know what is wrong with her; she does not have interest in academics.

CHILD: Hello Ma.

PARENT: You see, she can talk very well but when it comes to reading and writing it’s a problem.

CHILD: (crying)

EDUCATOR: Dad and Mom, Can you give us a minute alone (faces the child and smiles) Hello

CHILD: Hello.

 EDUCATOR: I will be back okay? (She leaves)


The Educator notice that the child has been moving her legs to the soft music playing in the office during the conversation with Mom and Dad and decided to increase the  volume a little bit  just to be sure what she noticed before she left the office. She noticed that the child was dancing all through her absence.

EDUCATOR: Mom and Dad, I think your child has interest in dancing.

PARENTS: Dancing? What kind of profession is that?



 Many parents miss this because they have a mind set. Oprah Winfrey once said that if her parent had forced her to become a doctor, she wouldn’t have had the great opportunity that she has (One of the richest black women).

Don’t miss it, what does your child like doing effortlessly? Guide him/her. That’s  is it.

  As a parent, you can play a vital role in helping your child explore career choices very early. The objective is not to push your child into any particular career but to help explore all the options, gain relevant skills and plan ahead. Help your child find out more about the path to reach a particular goal; take your child seriously and try not to squash a dream, find inspiration from successful people in that field as they can be exciting to talk to by giving your child a firsthand account of what it took to achieve an ambition.

Don’t be afraid to call in favours ; use all your contacts to help your child meet the right people; encourage your child to find a work placement or job shadow but make sure she is not being exploited as child labour. There is no substitute for hands on experience.

Career days are another way to groom their interest on a particular career path and learn about the ways people make a living.

Schools often invite parents and others each year to discuss these occupations. If your child’s school doesn’t hold such an event, talk to the faculty and administration to see if they can start one.

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